Modelling and Simulation of AMT Truck Clutch Actuating Mechanism

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The phenomenon of excessive separation and combination for clutch is caused by characteristics of pneumatic actuator itself when a heavy-duty AMT truck is starting and shifting. In order to solve this control problem, it was the first time to establish mathematic model of a heavy-duty truck clutch pneumatic actuator based on clutch pneumatic actuators working principle and gas dynamics basic theory, set the clutch cylinder piston target location in separation and combination, and make the simulation research in this paper. The validity of clutch pneumatic actuators model was verified using bench test. The basis for the preliminary work has laid for heavy trucks AMT control systems application program and the control strategies development.


AMT truck Clutch Pneumatic actuators Model Bench test 


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  • Tao Yan
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  • Zhonghui Sun
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