Simulation and Correlation of Commercial Axle Banjo Housing Fracture Under Braking Fatigue Test

  • Ajay Guddeti
  • Abhijit Nilangekar
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 196)


Three samples of commercial automotive axles were fractured prematurely in lab under braking fatigue test. Crack has initiated at similar location in all three samples. Investigation of fracture was done using Finite Element (FE) approach. Finite element model was validated with strain values which were obtained prior to fatigue test. Correlated model was further utilized for fatigue life prediction. Strain-life approach was used for fatigue life prediction. Fatigue material properties were approximated using Four Point approximation method. Fatigue life estimation was done and compared with braking fatigue test data. Design modifications were suggested to improve the fatigue life. FE analysis and fatigue life was re-evaluated virtually on modified design to endorse the conclusion.


Rear axle housing Finite element analysis Simulation Braking Fatigue 


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