A Study on Farmers’ Perception to Climate Variability and Change in a Semi-arid Basin

  • K. ShimolaEmail author
  • M. Krishnaveni
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This study examines the climatic trends of a semi-arid basin by trend analysis of climate data collected from the meteorological stations. Results of this study had indicated a decreasing trend of rainfall and an increasing trend of temperature. This chapter discusses the impacts of climate change on agriculture and the way farmers perceived these changes. A sample of a 100 and 50 farmers was randomly selected and questionnaire survey was conducted within the agro-climatic zones of the basin. Collation of the responses collected from the survey had shown that the farmers are feeling vulnerable. This inference has also been affirmed by statistical analyses of the questionnaire data. The majority of the respondents believed that the frequency and quantum of rainfall reduced over the years along with increase in the incidences of droughts. This belief forces the farmers to turn to alternative sources of income generation, leaving the cultivable lands into fallow lands. Nevertheless, many farmers attempt to cope with the climate change, by practicing crop diversification and short duration crops.


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