Regulation of Root Water Uptake Under Drought Stress Conditions

  • Ricardo ArocaEmail author
  • Juan Manuel Ruiz-Lozano


Drought is one of the most stressful conditions limiting plant yield around the world. Most efforts have been made in studying how aerial parts contribute to plant drought tolerance, being the role of roots less investigated. However, there are studies where a correlation between root water uptake capacity under drought conditions and drought tolerance has been found. Root water uptake capacity depends on morphological, anatomical, and molecular features of roots. A correlation between investment in root biomass during drought and tolerance to drought is hard to establish fromthe literature data. A better correlation between drought tolerance and root length density has been found. However, the capacity of absorbing water varies along a given root. Also, apoplastic barriers develop under drought conditions, limiting root water transport to some extent. Here new findings that question this assumption are presented. Finally, the exact role of aquaporin in the regulation of root hydraulic properties under drought conditions is far from being understood. This lack of knowledge is mainly caused by the large number of aquaporin isoforms present in the genomes of plants (up to 70 in cotton). Subcellular localization and knockout studies for each kind of aquaporins are needed in order to clarify their role in the regulation of root water uptake under drought conditions.


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