E-ETL: Framework For Managing Evolving ETL Processes

  • Artur Wojciechowski
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 185)


Data warehouses integrate external data sources (EDSs), which very often change their data structures (schemas). In many cases, such changes cause an erroneous execution of an already deployed ETL workflow. Structural changes of EDSs are frequent, therefore an automatic reparation of an ETL workflow, after such changes, is of a high importance. This paper presents a framework for handling the evolution of an ETL layer – E − ETL. Detection of changes in EDSs causes a reparation of the fragment of ETL workflow which interacts with the changed EDS. The proposed framework was developed as a module external to an ETL engine, accessing the engine by means of API. The innovation of this framework are algorithms for semi-automatic reparation of an ETL workflow.


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