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  • Bogdan Lent


Efficient and sustainable procurement management drafted by the ISO/DIS 21500:2011 and WTO/GPA are suitable both for public founded as well as private endeavours. In planning procurement, good goal definition precedes the buy evaluation. Tangible and intangible assets are to be considered. Special attention is given to ex-ante transaction costs. Several WTO/GPA procurement procedures are variously implemented by national laws: GSA, DoD, NASA FAR in the USA, Sejm Polski in Poland, Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft BöB in Switzerland and PMO in Thailand. Most common procedures are presented and evaluated. Procurement evaluation team and planning are discussed. Contract administration along CMMI and Six Sigma DMAIC-approach with impact on further project management processes are evaluated.

Techniques include call for tenders, nominal, ordering and cardinal tender evaluation scales, limited and unlimited price ranges, contract components list.

Examples of Templates, Checklists and Bibliography close the Chapter.

Quick look at the beginning of the Chapter that gives cornerstone assessment of the process is presented here.


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