High Road, Low Road: Charting the Course for Peace Journalism

  • Johan Galtung
  • Dietrich Fischer
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Imagine a blackout on everything we associate with medical practice; never to be reported in the media. Disease, however, is to be reported fully, in gruesome detail, particularly when elite persons are struck. The process of disease is seen as natural, as a fight between the human body and whatever is the pathogenic factor, a micro-organism, trauma, stress and strain. Sometimes one side wins, sometimes the other. It is like a game, even like a sports game. Fair play means to give either side a fair chance, not interfering with the ways of nature where the stronger eventually wins. The task of journalism is to report this struggle objectively, hoping that our side, the body, wins.


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  2. 2.Galtung Institute for Peace Theory and PracticeGrenzach-WyhlenGermany
  3. 3.BaselSwitzerland

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