Lasing in Amorphous Nanophotonic Structures

  • Hui Cao
  • Heeso Noh
Part of the Nano-Optics and Nanophotonics book series (NON)


We review the recent experimental and numerical studies on lasing in photonic nanostructures with short-range order in this chapter. Despite the lack of long-range order, photonic bandgaps can be formed in such structures, and they are isotropic. Our numerical studies show that the photonic bandgaps depends not only on the spatial range of geometric order, but also on the structural topology. The photonic bandedge modes may be spatially localized, in contrast to those of photonic crystals. Lasing has been realized experimentally in semiconductor nanostructures with short-range order. The nature of lasing modes are illustrated, and the lasing characteristic can be controlled by the short-range order.


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We thank our co-workers who have contributed to the studies presented in this chapter. Dr. Jin-Kyu Yang and Seng-Fatt Liew performed experimental and numerical studies on PBG and lasing in photonic nanostructures with short-range order. Prof. Corey O’Hern and Carl Schreck developed the numerical methods to generate the amorphous nanostructures. Prof. Glenn Solomon grew the semiconductor samples by molecular beam epitaxy, Dr. Michael Rooks worked with us in fabricating the nanostructures with the electron-beam lithography, and Dr. Mikhail Guy assisted us in the computer simulation. We acknowledge Professors Eric Dufresne, Richard Prum, A. Douglas Stone, Simon Mochrie, and Dr. Vinodkumar Saranathan for many stimulating discussions and the collaborative studies on coloration of photonic amorphous structures in nature. Our research program has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation, and the Materials Research and Engineering Center at Yale University.


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