Superconducting Gap and Pseudogap in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ

  • Wentao Zhang
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Because of its anisotropic, complex doping and temperature dependence, energy gap in cuprates is always a focusing point in the study of high temperature superconductivity. There are two scenarios were introduced to understand the relation between pseudogap and superconducting gap. One is “one gap” scenario that pseudogap is the precursor of superconducting gap that electrons pairing happens above T c but these pairs become coherent below T c , the other one is “two gap” that pseudogap is a competitive phase and has nothing to do with superconductivity. This chapter presents the study of the superconducting energy gap and the pseudogap in normal state. The high-precision ARPES measurements on momentum and temperature dependence of energy gap indicates that simple “two gap” or “one gap” scenarios cannot give a good description of the results.


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