High Energy Dispersion in Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu2O8+δ

  • Wentao Zhang
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This chapter describes the study on the nature of high energy dispersion and high energy kink in Bi2212. The high energy dispersions have been attributed to the recovery of intrinsic bared band and the high energy kink is possibly explained by electrons coupling with some high energy modes in previous studies. By detailed momentum dependence experiments, combined with MDC (momentum distribution curve) and EDC (energy distribution curve) analyses, it has been proposed that the high energy MDC dispersion (up to ∼1 eV) does not represent true bare band, the high energy “kink” (∼400 meV) does not represent electron coupling with some high energy modes and the high energy MDC dispersion may not represent intrinsic band structure. We found that the “kink” energy is strong momentum dependence varying from ∼400 meV for a nodal cut to ∼230 meV for an off-nodal cut and the off-nodal high energy dispersion is quite different from the bare band calculated by LDA.


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