Nodal Electron Coupling in the Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu2O8+δ

  • Wentao Zhang
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In this chapter, the identification of a new form of electron coupling in optimally doped Bi2212 from the nodal dispersion is presented. In addition to energy scales known from previous ARPES measurements, new features at energy ∼115 meV and ∼150 meV were identified in the nodal real part of electron self-energy by ultra-high resolution VUV Laser-based ARPES. The new features couldn’t be explained by simple electron coupling with phonons or magnetic resonance modes but maybe tied to high energy spin fluctuations. Moreover, detailed temperature dependence of nodal electronic dynamics indicates a strong sensitivity of the nodal state to high temperature superconductivity that both the MDC and EDC widths show abrupt drop when cooling the sample crossing T c . Distinct from previous observations, both the nodal and anti-nodal EDCs are dramatically sharpened when entering superconducting state.


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