• Wentao Zhang
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The mechanism of high temperature superconductivity in copper-oxide compounds (cuprates) remains unclear after its first discovery in 1986. Many advanced experimental techniques have been applied on these materials, and great progress has been made in understanding related physics and superconductivity. Among these progresses are: the d-wave pairing symmetry identified by phase sensitive technique tunnel junctions, as well as by ARPES and other techniques, the universal electron-boson coupling revealed by ARPES, antiferromagnetic correlations or spin resonance discovered by neutron scattering, the complicated phase diagram studied by various doping dependent experiments, the complex energy gap structure and the pseudogap above transition temperature, the unusual oxygen isotope effect and so on. In these discoveries, many of them were studied by ARPES which is a technique that probes the fundamental single particle spectral function in materials. The current status of the study of cuprate superconductors is introduced in this chapter.


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