The Role of RAB GTPases and SNARE Proteins in Plant Endocytosis and Post-Golgi Trafficking

  • Takashi Ueda
  • Masa H. Sato
  • Tomohiro Uemura


Each membrane trafficking pathway involves several evolutionarily conserved key molecules, including RAB GTPases and SNARE proteins. Distinct sets of RAB and SNARE molecules regulate tethering and fusion of the carrier membrane to the target membrane for different trafficking pathways. These proteins are thought to control the specificity of directional targeting and membrane fusion to the correct target organelles. These molecules also exhibit distinctive subcellular localizations and are, therefore, regarded as earmarks for organelles. Several subgroups of RAB and SNARE are widely conserved among eukaryotic lineages, indicating ancient origins and conserved functions. In contrast, recent comparative genomics indicated RAB and SNARE members have expanded in a lineage-specific manner. This finding suggests novel trafficking routes, which are unique to each lineage, developed during evolution. Plant-unique sets of RAB and SNARE proteins have been identified and characterized in recent years. In this chapter, we summarize the conserved and unique features of plant RAB and SNARE proteins with a special focus on post-Golgi trafficking pathways, including the endocytic pathway.


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