A Conceptual Architecture for Business-Aware Transaction Management

  • Michael Parkin
  • Mike P. Papazoglou
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Service-Based Applications (SBAs) are created by composing and orchestrating software services into cross-organizational business processes that can execute multiple business-aware transactions. A business-aware transaction must not only ensure data consistency but also coordinate the heterogeneous information systems of separate businesses that typically use different business practices, policies, equipment and technologies so the transaction can complete successfully. However, the lack of a clear approach to managing this class of transaction means management capabilities are often ‘hard-wired’ into the SBA, rendering the potential reuse and customization of SBAs difficult, if not impossible. This paper reviews the functions required for the creation, management and adaptation of them and presents a conceptual architecture with the aim of identifying, at a high-level, functional and technological components of a distributed software architecture to allow Business-Aware Transaction Management and the customization and reuse of SBAs.


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