Recent Advances in Cross-Coupling Reactions with Alkyl Halides

  • Arisa Yamamoto
  • Yugo Nishimura
  • Yasushi NishiharaEmail author
Part of the Lecture Notes in Chemistry book series (LNC, volume 80)


The alkyl electrophiles with β-hydrogens have been scarcely employed in the transition-metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions until recently. This is due to their low electrophilicity and the facile occurrence of β-hydrogen elimination under standard conditions. However, in recent years, the alkyl electrophiles have received a marked increase in attention; numerous synthetic examples using the alkyl electrophiles as coupling partners have been reported. This chapter classifies the recently reported cross-coupling reactions of these alkyl electrophiles, grouping the reactions by organometallic reagent. Introductions to representative synthetic examples are given.


Alkyl electrophiles Alkyl metal species β-hydrogen elimination Bulky and electron-rich ligands N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligands Asymmetric synthesis 


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