Three-Dimensional Virtual Reality Modeling of the Cikangkareng Rock Avalanche in Indonesia

  • Andhitiawarman Nugraha
  • Keizo Ugai
Conference paper


On September 2nd 2009, the 7.3 Richter scale earthquake hit the Cikangkareng Village, South Cianjur, which is located at the far southern edge of West Java Province in Indonesia. The earthquake has triggered an avalanche of rock cliffs in the hills surrounding the Cikangkareng Village. Debris of the giant rock avalanche had caused dozens of people buried alive. Facts of the scene showed unique phenomena one of which the collapsed rock hill had a height of 200 m but the rock avalanche reached horizontally up to 600 m. Investigation of the rock avalanche has been done to find the mechanism and to know the actual collapse phenomena of the rock avalanche. By using the results of the investigation the Three-Dimensional Virtual Reality Modeling (3DVRM) has been developed to simulate the Cikangkareng rock avalanche. It is suggested that the 3DVRM would be a very useful tool to examine the mechanism of the rock avalanche and to pursue methods of the disaster mitigation. The 3DVRM technology played an important role as a visualization medium which is proven to be effective in connecting perceptions among all related people including local residents and experts. Discussion using the 3DVRM simulation showed to create a common understanding among them about the Cikangkareng rock avalanche. The mechanism of the rock avalanche could be visualized in detail, accurately and comprehensively through the 3DVRM. It will be also useful to simulate real time disaster phenomena by which local residents and experts can propose disaster risk reduction methods for evacuation, preventive countermeasures and determination of safer areas for residential relocation.


Landslide Susceptibility Disaster Risk Reduction Rock Avalanche Virtual Space Debris Avalanche 
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  1. 1.PT. Fujicon Priangan PerdanaBandungIndonesia
  2. 2.Gunma UniversityGunmaJapan

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