• Gerrit Lohmann
  • Klaus Grosfeld
  • Dieter Wolf-Gladrow
  • Anna Wegner
  • Justus Notholt
  • Vikram Unnithan
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Geophysical data acquired along the Antarctic passive margins constrain the structure and geometry of the deformed continental crust. Crustal thickness estimates range between 7 and 50 km and the Antarctic continent–ocean transition zone (COTZ) extends up to 100–670 km towards the ocean. Continental deformation prior to rifting over a c. 100 million years long time span resulted in crustal stretching factors varying between 1.8 and 5.9. The time span of deformation was sufficiently large and the rifting velocity low enough to extend the margin by up to 300–400 km. Crustal thinning generates a significant subsidence and shallow water passages might already have developed during the rifting phase along the margin. Accounting for accurate continental margin deformation has also consequences for plate-tectonic reconstructions.


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