Experimental Research Platform for Structural Health Monitoring

  • Benjamin Babjak
  • Sandor Szilvasi
  • Alex Pedchenko
  • Mark Hofacker
  • Eric J. Barth
  • Peter Volgyesi
  • Akos Ledeczi
Part of the Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation book series (SSMI, volume 1)


Non-destructive structural testing aims to characterize material and detect failures without damaging the structure in any way. Detection historically meant some form of a visual assessment combined with auditory tests carried out by trained personnel. Inspectors well prepared to identify various types of deterioration would conduct periodic evaluations comparing the current state with previous reports. The problem with this was not only that most likely damage locations had to be known a priori and had to be readily accessible but also that the whole approach had a strong subjective aspect to it. This latter issue was somewhat alleviated with the introduction of more advanced inspection methods and instruments, such as X-ray and ultrasonic techniques, but the main problem of inspections being cumbersome, slow, and superficial still remained untouched.


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  • Mark Hofacker
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