Development of an Embedded System-Based Gateway for Environmental Monitoring in Wild Fields

  • Xiang-Yao Zheng
  • Chun-Yi Liu
  • Po-Tang Chen
  • Cheng-Long Chuang
  • Chia-Pang Chen
  • Joe-Air Jiang
Part of the Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation book series (SSMI, volume 1)


Acquiring continuous observation results is an essential demand for environmental monitoring. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs), encompassed of many tiny sensing devices, give a good solution when collecting continuously temporal and spatial data. Because WSNs have no long-range communication capabilities, a gateway is needed to collect sensing data from wild fields and transmit the data to a backend server. The gateway has to handle all sensor nodes in a network, so both stability and processing capability have higher priorities. Thus, to achieve these goals, an embedded system-based field gateway with an energy-efficient design that includes a suitable graphical user interface for system maintenance and a touch screen is proposed. The touch screen provides users with gateway information, so that the users can take action when facing unexpected situations. The operation of the gateway is self-sustained by a lead-acid battery and a solar cell.


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  • Chun-Yi Liu
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  • Po-Tang Chen
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  • Cheng-Long Chuang
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  • Chia-Pang Chen
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  • Joe-Air Jiang
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