Multi-objective Control for T-S Fuzzy Singularly Perturbed Systems

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In this chapter, we consider the problem of multi-objective control for T-S fuzzy singularly perturbed systems. The problem consists of H  ∞  control, pole placement and singular perturbation bound design. Specifically, given an H  ∞  performance bound γ > 0, an LMI stability region \(\textbf D\) and an upper bound ε 0 for the singular perturbation parameter ε, we will construct an ε-dependent state feedback controller, such that ∀ ε ∈ (0, ε 0], the L 2-gain of the mapping from the exogenous input noise to the regulated output is less than or equal to γ and the poles of each subsystem are all within the LMI stability region \(\textbf D\). Two sub-problems of the multi-objective control are discussed and the main problem is then solved. An ε-dependent state feedback controller is designed by solving a set of ε-independent LMIs. It is shown that the controller is well-defined ∀ ε ∈ (0, ε 0]. If ε 0 is sufficiently small, the controller can be reduced to an ε-independent one. At last, an inverted pendulum controlled by a dc motor via a gear train is used to illustrate the obtained approach.


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