Use of Videodermatoscopy in Dermatology

  • Francesco Lacarrubba
  • Franco Dinotta
  • Cecilia Santagati
  • Giuseppe Micali


Videodermatoscopy (VD) is a noninvasive technique that allows a rapid and magnified (×10 to ×1,000) in vivo observation of the skin surface with the visualization of morphologic structures invisible to the naked eye. It represents the evolution of dermatoscopy (also called dermoscopy), performed with manual devices, which do not require any computer “assistance” and generally employs ×10 magnifications. VD is widely used in the diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions, as well as in a wide variety of dermatologic conditions (non-pigmented skin lesions, ectoparasitoses, cutaneous/mucosal infections, inflammatory disorders, scalp disorders, nail disorders, vascular disorders). It may also be useful for prognostic evaluation and monitoring of response to treatment, representing an important and relatively simple aid in daily clinical practice.


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