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Campus One-Card System Design

  • Wang Longjie
Conference paper


This one-card system is developed under four main lines, which are consumption, payment, identity recognition and management, with CPU card strictly abides by PBOC2.0 Standard. The system foundation platform adopts high-performance equipments to realize data base-level load balancing and disaster recovery; applies private network for exclusive use; uses mature encryption techniques to meet finance-level security requirements. System and campus information system unique identity authentication data base applies catalogue control in programming electronic wallet of this card, opens up the port to the third party, thus forming campus e-commerce platform with a wide range of business application and high level of self-service; adopts a design proposal which is data, monitoring and equipment management centralized, with an aim to develop an efficient campus One-Card management platform.


One-Card system framework One-Card private network One-Card data center One-Card hardware connection topology One-Card application system 


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  1. 1.Department of ComputerShenzhen PolytechnicShenzhenPeople’s Republic of China

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