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Game Analysis on Trade Diversion Effect of China’s Anti-dumping

  • Chundi Liu
Conference paper


With more and more foreign countries dump in Chinese market, it’s necessary for China to take the anti-dumping measures. However, the effect of China anti-dumping is very complex and most of domestic studies on China anti-dumping have been based on the active effect of China anti-dumping. Then, with foreign countries’ crazy dumping in Chinese market, shall we take the anti-dumping measures blindly? Whether the effect of China anti-dumping is surely positive and active? This article studies the trade diversion effect of China anti-dumping by means of the dynamic game model. It’s helpful for us to understand anti-dumping correctly and take the appropriate anti-dumping measures timely.


Anti-dumping Trade diversion effect Game analysis 


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  1. 1.Advanced Vocational Technical CollegeShanghai University of Engineering ScienceShanghaiPeople’s Republic of China

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