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ASME Evaluation on the Process of Mobile E-commerce Based on Grid Management

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With the development of E-commerce, more and more scholars have paid attention to the research on Mobile E-commerce and mostly focus on the optimization and evaluation of existing process. This paper will do some research on evaluation of the Mobile E-commerce process with a method named ASME. Firstly, put in order the existing process, namely Non-grid Mobile E-commerce process and put in order Grid Mobile E-commerce process. Secondly, form the evaluation system with ASME. Thirdly, compare the out coming and point out the superiority of Grid Mobile E-commerce process. This paper provides a new way on the evaluation of Mobile E-commerce.


Mobile E-commerce process Grid management ASME 



The research was supported by the key project of logistics management and technology lab


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  1. 1.Beijing Jiaotong UniversityBeijingPeople’s Republic of China

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