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On the Satisfaction Survey and Sustainable Development of NRCMS Under the Background of New Medical Reform – From the Perspective of Stakeholder of Nonprofit Organization

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In this study, the author first of all builds a theoretical model about the NRCMS satisfaction which is based on the basic theory of customer satisfaction and from the perspective of stakeholder of nonprofit organization. The paper then analyzes and discusses in depth about the index variables that have influence on farmers’ satisfaction to NRCMS by validating the theoretical model against the statistics from Zhejiang Province. Finally, the paper draws a structure equation to test the satisfaction of NRCMS, shows the difficulties in its sustainable development and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions. The paper is intended to provide theoretical guidance and reference for the healthy and sustainable development of NRCMS.


NRCMS Satisfaction Stakeholder The new medical reform Nonprofit organization 


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  1. 1.School of ManagementZhejiang Shuren UniversityHangzhouPeople’s Republic of China

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