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For rapid screening of conditions and substrates, reactions were frequently carried out using a Radley’s 12 port reaction carousel with reduced volume tubes. However results were identical when repeated using standard Schlenk techniques. All glassware was washed in acid (conc. HNO3) and base baths (iPrOH/KOH) before being rinsed (H2O/acetone) and oven-dried at 150 °C for at least 18 h. Dry solvents were purchased (Aldrich, Fluka, Alfa Aesar) and distilled or obtained by passage through an Anhydrous Engineering drying column. Solvents for extraction and chromatography were technical grade. Carbon monoxide was purchased from BOC. Purchased chemicals (Aldrich, Acros, Fluka, Alfa Aesar) were used as received, unless otherwise stated. Reagents requiring purification were done so according to Purification of Laboratory. Benzoquinone was sublimed before use.


Methyl Aniline Nbutyl Acrylate Gastight Syringe Phenylacetyl Chloride Palladium Dichloride 
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