Introduction to the Wittig Reaction and Discussion of the Mechanism

  • Peter A. Byrne
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The Wittig reaction [1] is perhaps the most commonly used method for the synthesis of alkenes. Several excellent reviews on the topic have previously been written [2–5]. The reaction (see Scheme 1.1) occurs between a carbonyl compound (aldehyde or ketone in general, 2) and a phosphonium ylide (1). The latter species is a carbanion stabilised by an adjacent phosphorus substituted with three carbons, giving alkene (3) and phosphine oxide (4) as the by-product. The ylide can be represented by resonance structures 1a (fully ionic ylide form) and 1b (ylene form), which show between them the ionic character of the P–C bond and the contribution to the stabilisation of the carbanion by phosphorus.


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