The Secure Process Chain in Aviation Security

  • Gerhard Wirth
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At first it may seem strange when the subject of air security comes up when discussing secure supply chains. Consequently, the question is: What does aviation security have to do with logistics? The answer is quite simple: Regardless of which handling process is involved – “Passenger”, “Baggage”, “Cargo”, or “Maintenance” – at some point it is always interrupted by aviation security, namely whenever the process in question crosses the secured boundary between the public area and the security area of an airport. As a result, aviation security makes a major contribution to the security of these process chains, but at the same time represents a barrier and a challenge, extending from inconvenience to passengers to the impossibility of accurately scheduling processes. The best example at present is the extensive screening of passengers (removal of belts and shoes) to the intensive, time-consuming monitoring of cargo that is making it increasingly difficult to achieve just-in-time delivery.


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