Like a Flame: Remembering Giovanni Tranchina

  • Giuseppe Di Chiara


When, in October 2010, the Law Faculty of Palermo University celebrated 50 years of the teaching of Giovanni Tranchina on the occasion of his farewell public lecture on “The right to the service of hope,” colleagues and students presented him with a plaque: a simple, unadorned silver sheet which bore a message—engraved not only in the metal—conveying the faculty’s “inexpressible gratitude to a Master of law and life.” At the top of the plaque we had also decided to have engraved a phrase of Piero Calamandrei: a reflection on the “square boxes of procedural law,” whose study “is sterile abstraction, unless it is also the study of the living man.” It seemed that this reference to the deeper dimensions of the human outlined, with powerful evocative force, the heritage of a humanitas that in Giovanni Tranchina had become an icon of virtue.


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