LB-MAC: A Lifetime-Balanced MAC Protocol for Sensor Networks

  • Yang Peng
  • Zi Li
  • Wensheng Zhang
  • Daji Qiao
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7405)


This paper presents LB-MAC, a new MAC protocol for asynchronous, duty cycle sensor networks. Different from existing sensor network MAC protocols that usually focus on reducing energy consumption and extending lifetime of individual sensor nodes, LB-MAC aims at prolonging the network lifetime through balancing the nodal lifetime between neighboring sensors. LB-MAC is lightweight and scalable as the required control information is only exchanged locally between neighbors. LB-MAC has been implemented in TinyOS and evaluated on a sensor network testbed with extensive experiments. Results show that LB-MAC is able to achieve a significantly longer network lifetime than state-of-the-art MAC protocols such as X-MAC, RI-MAC and SEESAW, while maintaining comparable levels of network power consumption, packet delay and delivery ratio.


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  • Zi Li
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  • Wensheng Zhang
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  • Daji Qiao
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