Predominant Frequencies in Spectra of Icevibration Events

  • Marek Górski
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In this chapter, examples of icevibrations recorded in the Hans Glacier (South Spitsbergen) in spring-summer 2002, in the Pasterze Glacier (Alps) in the fall of 2003, and on the Huron Glacier (Livingston Island, Antarctic Peninsula) on January 15, 1991, have been analyzed. The spectral analysis of the recorded vibrations reveals a relationship between the period of vibrations and the scale of dynamic processes in the glacier. The period of icevibrations recorded in the Pasterze Glacier is shorter than that of the events in the Hans and Huron Glaciers, where the scale of dynamic processes is much greater. The presented spectra of the icevibration seismic events display characteristic frequency maxima related to the scale of dynamic processes taking place within the glacier.


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