Spectral Analysis and Source Parameters of Icequakes

  • Marek Górski
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In this chapter, focal parameters calculated on the basis of the spectral analysis are presented and the method used in the calculations is briefly described. We present the values calculated for a series of icequake measurements at the Hans Glacier and their mutual relations; these parameters are then compared to those of other series of seismic events: quakes recorded in the Antarctic shelf glacier; extremely weak tremors induced in granite rocks in the Underground Research Laboratory in Manitoba, Canada; a group of various tectonic earthquakes and mining tremors in South African gold mines; tremors connected with coal mining in Upper Silesia; mining tremors in the Ruhr Basin; tremors in the Lubin Copper Basin; and mining tremors of negative magnitudes in granite rocks. A comparison is also made of the relations of source parameters for icequakes recorded in spring and summer. In the last part we analyze the spectral parameters computed for three artificial quakes evoked at the Hans Glacier with those of natural icequakes and other seismic events.


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