Cardiac Tumors

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Cardiac tumors are rare in all age groups. The majority are histologically benign. Rhabdomyomas, the most common cardiac tumor in the fetus and infant, are most likely hamartomas (overgrowths of tissues normally present at the site of origin) rather than true neoplasms [1–9]. Because of their location, benign tumors and hamartomas of the heart may severely compromise blood flow, interfere with myocardial function, or cause arrhythmias leading to their clinical discovery, stillbirth, or to sudden death [1–3, 7]. Disturbances in hemodynamic function are correlated with the size and location of the tumor. Murmurs, cyanosis, respiratory distress, cardiac insufficiency, and arrhythmias are the main presenting signs, which should raise suspicion of an underlying cardiac tumor [6, 7]. Primary cardiac tumors are found more often than metastasis to the heart in infants [4, 7–9].


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