A Novel Routing Algorithm for On-Chip Communication in NoC on Diametrical 2D Mesh Interconnection Architecture

Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 178)


To meet the design productivity, scalability and signal integrity challenges of next-generation system designs, a structured and scalable interconnection architecture, network on chip (NoC), has been proposed recently to solve the complex on-chip communication problem. In an NoC, the communication among different nodes is achieved by routing packets through a pre-designed network fabric according to some architecture rather than wires. In Diametrical 2D Mesh architecture, advantages of routing include smaller network diameter as well as larger bisection width. Again, fast network access requires a well-constructed optimal routing algorithm. Our proposed routing algorithm ensures that the packet will always reach the destination through the shortest path and it is deadlock free.


NoC routing Diametrical 2D mesh routing On-chip communication 


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