A Naive Approach for Prediction of Sectorial Stock Market

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Much exploration can be done in the area of sectorial stock market prediction[6].We propose that forecasting and analysis work performed on sectorial market yield better predictability and forecasting rather than overall stock market. The research attempts to ascertain the importance of different sectors of Indian stock market. Prediction also forms the basis for safe investment as market risk is diversified into number of available sectors. We propose a methodology in which our major concern is bit micro level. Instead of giving whole focus to Stock market, we had considered on the working of individual sectors of stock market. A model is proposed in which key factors are supplied as input in the lower layer, the middle layer comprises of one or more tools such as Neural network, Genetic Algorithms etc, which will provide output and thus an intelligent and smart decision can be achieved by studying and analyzing the output.


Sectorial Prediction Neural Network stock market sectors 


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