Detection of Optic Disc by Line Filter Operator Approach in Retinal Images

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The location of Optic Disc (OD) is of critical importance in retinal image analysis. This research paper carries out a new automated methodology to detect the optic disc (OD) in retinal images. OD detection helps the ophthalmologists to find whether the patient is affected by diabetic retinopathy or not. The proposed technique is to use line operator which gives higher percentage of detection than the already existing methods. The purpose of this project is to automatically detect the position of the OD in digital retinal fundus images. The method starts with converting the RGB image input into its LAB component. This image is smoothed using bilateral smoothing filter. Further, filtering is carried out using line operator. After which gray orientation and binary map orientation is carried out and then with the use of the resulting maximum image variation the area of the presence of the OD is found. The portions other than OD are blurred using 2D circular convolution. On applying mathematical steps like peak classification, concentric circles design and image difference calculation, OD is detected. The proposed method was evaluated using a subset of the STARE project’s dataset and the success percentage was found to be 96%.


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