Securing Data from Black Hole Attack Using AODV Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  • V. Kamatchi
  • Rajeswari Mukesh
  • Rajakumar
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 177)


Mobile Adhoc Networks has become an important and exciting technology in recent years in which security has become an important issue. Black hole Attack is one of the possible and severe security attacks in mobile ad hoc networks which block the communication of secret data. Black hole attack directly attacks the node’s data traffic on the path and intentionally drops, alters or delays the data traffic passing through that node. In another type of black hole attack which falsely replies for the route request which comes from the source that it has enough routes to the destination even it does not have path to the destination. This paper deals with prevention of both types of black hole attacks and secure data communication using secret sharing and Random Multipath Routing Techniques.


Mobile Adhoc Networks AODV Blackhole attack Destination Sequence Number Random Routing 


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  1. 1.Department of Computer Science and EngineeringMeenakshi College of EngineeringChennaiIndia

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