Access Toolkit for Education

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This paper describes three tools that have been developed to help overcome accessibility, usability and productivity issues identified by disabled students. The Web2Access website allows users to test any Web 2.0 site or software application against a series of checks linked to the WCAG 2.0 and other guidelines. The Access Tools accessible menu helps with navigation to portable pen drive applications that can assist with accessibility, productivity and leisure activities when on the move. The accessible Toolbar provides support for the majority of browsers and accessible websites through magnification, spellchecking, text to speech readout, dictionary definitions and referencing modification of text, page style, colour and layout.


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    Wald, M., Draffan, E.A., Seale, J.: Disabled Learners’ Experiences of E-learning. Jl. of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia 18(3), 341–361 (2009)Google Scholar

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