Specification Based IDS for Power Enhancement Related Vulnerabilities in AODV

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Wireless sensor network (WSN) is basically a wireless network, comprised of a large number of sensor nodes which are densely deployed, small in size, lightweight and portable. AODV is a well known, standardized routing protocol used in WSNs. AODV is subject to several attacks like black hole, worm hole, mad in the middle etc. Several Intrusion detection systems (IDS) have been proposed which successfully detect these attacks. Among these IDSs signature based and anomaly based are simple in nature but generate false alarms. To cater to this issue, recently specification based IDS is proposed for WSNs which have low false alarms yet detect most of the attacks. Lots of works have been reported on enhancement of AODV to improve throughput, PDR, NRO, End to End delay, power etc. Power Aware AODV (POW-AODV), enhances WNSs from the perspective of lifetime of nodes (in terms of power). In this paper we show that POW-AODV gets subject to more vulnerability, compared to AODV, in the effort to reduce power. Such attacks reduce life time of nodes instead of increasing them. Following that we propose a specification based IDS for this protocol to detect these vulnerabilities.


Wireless Sensor Network Ad-Hoc on Demand routing protocol Fault-Tolerance 


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