User-Centered Design for and with Elderly Users in V2me

  • Kerstin Klauß
  • Peter Klein
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 277)


Positive user experience is an essential precondition for making online technologies accessible for elderly users. The V2me team chose to develop along an iterative user-centered design process (UCD) in order to focus on the target group’s needs and limitations. Interviews with potential users and workshops with professionals were conducted and requirements were derived from the gathered knowledge on the target group. Further the V2me team designed an interaction and screen design, made these concepts experienceable in a first demonstrator and conducted a usability study with potential users.


user-centered design (UCD) AAL elderly users scenario-based design (SBD) user experience user acceptance online social networks 


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  • Kerstin Klauß
    • 1
  • Peter Klein
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  1. 1.User Interface Design GmbHLudwigsburg/MannheimGermany

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