A Forced Convection Application: Surface Optimization for Enhanced Heat Transfer

  • Marco Cavazzuti


In the last chapters of the book a few application examples of optimization algorithms are given in the light of the discussion made in the previous chapter. The examples proposed are dealing with thermodynamics and fluid-dynamics problems due to the author background. It must be reminded, however, that optimization is an inherently interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary topic and the discussion which is made in these chapters is still valid for any other kind of applications. In this chapter a forced convection optimization exercise is presented. The exercise is about heat exchangers surface optimization for enhanced heat transfer. After the problem is presented, the set-up of the optimization process is discussed and the choices made critically analysed from the methodology point of view. A five-steps approach to optimization involving a two-stages stochastic optimization, one deterministic optimization and two RDAs are presented. The analyses are carried out by means of computational fluid dynamics simulations and the results of the process are presented and discussed focusing on the optimization aspects.


Pressure Drop Heat Exchanger Nusselt Number Turbulence Model Direct Numerical Simulation 
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