Mediastinal Tumors

  • Georges L. Kaiser


Mediastinal tumor is a collective term which includes a large number of developmental, inflammatory, and neoplastic masses.

In contrast to the leading symptoms and signs of most other chapters, only a part of the mediastinal tumors manifest themselves clinically, and up to 50 % of the cases are detected by chance on prenatal ultrasound or more frequently on chest x-rays performed for other reasons ##.

In addition, the possible symptoms and signs are many and diverse and are caused by compression (e.g., bronchi or trachea), involvement, or infiltration of the chest wall, the organs of the thoracic cavity, or spinal canal; that means that the precise location of the different disorders is important to a considerable degree for the symptomatology.


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Section 8.1

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Section 8.2

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Section 8.3

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