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If blood is brought up (hematemesis) or evacuated by the anus (melena) that is recognizable clearly us such, the parents and the child are very frightened and the physician is consulted immediately. Other forms of gastrointestinal blood evacuation must be ascertained by asking or even tested for it. A precise history and inspection of vomited material or the evacuated intestinal content are particularly important. They permit to differentiate the common disorders that must be considered. Fresh or older blood may be vomited, regurgitated, or emptied from the oral cavity combined with blood clots in a large or small amount. In the latter condition, the amount of blood seems larger than really because of the mixture of saliva. Vomiting of hematin is often not payed attention to, mainly if only splashes of hematin mixed up with mucus or milk are distributed over the sheets. The same applies to gastric aspirate with fresh blood or coffee-ground.


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General and Differential Diagnosis

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Section 22.1

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Section 22.2

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Section 22.3

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Differential Diagnosis

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Section 22.4

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