Symptoms and Signs of Respiratory Organs in Infants and Older Children

  • Georges L. Kaiser


The disorders of respiratory organs in infants and older children with pediatric surgical significance may be arranged in six categories as follows:
  • Malformations or acquired disorders with similar presentation that become apparent in the neonatal period as well as later in childhood

  • Malformations or acquired disorders with similar presentation that become apparent usually beyond the neonatal period or early infancy

  • Thoracic injuries and foreign body aspiration and ingestion

  • Complications of inflammatory lung diseases

  • Parasitic diseases of the lung

  • Neoplastic diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract


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Section 10.1

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Section 10.2.1: Pulmonary Sequestration

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Section 10.2.3: Spontaneous Pneumothorax

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Sections 10.3.1–10.3.6: Thoracic Injuries

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Section 10.4: Cardiovascular Injuries

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Section 10.5: Foreign Body Aspiration

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Section 10.6.1: Pleural Empyema

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Sections 10.6.2–10.6.3: Lung Abscess and Pneumatocele

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Section 10.7: Lung Parasitosis

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Section 10.8: Lung and Pleural Tumors

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