Challenges for Future Platforms, Services and Networked Applications

  • Krzysztof Kurowski
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The keynote will address various ICT aspects related to future platforms, applications and services that may impact and hopefully improve the way various business and enterprise processes will be organized in the future. New development tools, easy-to-program powerful mobile devices, interactive panels, etc. enable users to prototype new IT systems with much better interfaces, to quickly setup collaborative environments and easily deploy online applications. However, many people have not realized how quickly data, computational and networking requirements of these new information systems have increased and what constraints are behind existing underlying e-Infrastructures. Therefore, the main aim of this keynote will be to share with the audience example scenarios and lessons learned. Additionally, various challenges encountered in practice for future information systems and software development methods will be briefly discussed. The keynote will be summarized by an updated report on existing research e-Infrastructures in Poland and worldwide.


Future Internet Grid Computing Cloud Computing Data Management Multimedia 


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