Excitable β-Skeletons

  • Andrew Adamatzky
Part of the Emergence, Complexity and Computation book series (ECC, volume 1)


Given a set \(\mathbf V\) of planar points, for any two points p and q we define β-neighbourhood U β (p,q) as an intersection of two discs with radius β|p − q| / 2 centered at points \(((1-\frac{\beta}{2})p,\frac{\beta}{2}q)\) and \((\frac{\beta}{2}p, (1-\frac{\beta}{2})q)\), β ≥ 1 [150, 160], see examples of the lunes in Fig.7.1. Points p and q are connected by an edge in β-skeleton if the pair’s β-neighbourhood contains no other points from \(\mathbf V\).


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