Automaton Mechanics of Mutualism

  • Andrew Adamatzky
Part of the Emergence, Complexity and Computation book series (ECC, volume 1)


We simulate mutualistic relationships in a two-dimensional hexagonal cellular automaton. Every cell takes three states: 0, 1 and 2. States 1 and 2 represent species species ‘1’ and species ‘2’. State 0 represents an ‘empty space’, or a substrate. Two processes must be simulated: propagation of species and survival of species. A cell of the hexagonal cellular automaton can be occupied exclusively by ‘empty space’, state 0, or by one of the species, states 1 or 2.


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  1. 1.Fac. of Computing, Engineering and, Mathematical Sciences (CEMS)University of the West of EnglandBristolUnited Kingdom

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