Formal Specification and Testing of Model Transformations

  • Antonio Vallecillo
  • Martin Gogolla
  • Loli Burgueño
  • Manuel Wimmer
  • Lars Hamann
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 7320)


In this paper we present some of the key issues involved in model transformation specification and testing, discuss and classify some of the existing approaches, and introduce the concept of Tract, a generalization of model transformation contracts. We show how Tracts can be used for model transformation specification and black-box testing, and the kinds of analyses they allow. Some representative examples are used to illustrate this approach.


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    • 1
  • Martin Gogolla
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  • Loli Burgueño
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  • Manuel Wimmer
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  • Lars Hamann
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  2. 2.Database Systems GroupUniversity of BremenGermany

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