A Few Memories from the Days at LEP

  • Emilio Picasso


This contribution, a personal recollection by the author, is part of a special issue CERN’s accelerators, experiments and international integration 19592009 (Schopper 2011).


Radio Frequency Power Proton Synchrotron Beam Position Monitor Super Proton Synchrotron Intersecting Storage Ring 
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I should like to thank all the people that worked during the LEP construction, in particular I would like to mention Eberhard Keil with Wolfgang Schnell and Cornelis Zilverschoon who ran the study group that put forward the LEP version presented in the Pink Book. I should like to thank Albert Hoffman and Bruno Zotter with whom I had a lot of conversations on some aspects of beam behaviour in LEP. Thanks go to Freddy Buhler Broglin for the good work he did as administrator of the LEP project. I also thank H. Schopper for our friendly collaboration during the LEP construction. I would also like to thank Michelangelo Mangano and Tullio Basaglia for his suggestions on the improvement of this text.


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