Design and Quality Control of Products Robust to Model Uncertainty and Disturbances

  • Beata MrugalskaEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Production Engineering book series (LNPE)


As increasingly today more and more complex products are designed, manufactured or maintained. Later changes to design solutions are costly or impossible to come up with the suggestions for consideration and application by designers, engineers, manufacturers. Thus, nowadays mathematical models are widely used in the process of product design and control. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of a new concept of modelling in these both stages. In particular, a new method of product design robust to disturbances existing in a technological process is presented. The application of mathematical modelling and methods of parameter estimation enabled formulating an approach in which parameters and acceptable tolerance of manufacturing product parameters are calculated. Moreover, the proposed approach can be easily extended and applied to the product quality control.


Quality control Parameter estimation Product design Robust modelling 


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